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At Tri City Housekeeping
we like to due our part in the community. 
Here you will find some of the testimonials and groups we sponsor in our region and nation wide.
       Township Manager Rob Grose was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 1983 and pulmonary hypertension in 2007. On Jan 8, 2012 Rob's family's prayers were answered for Rob's match was found for a double-lung transplant. Read more on his inspiring story here.
     Mission of Hope Cancer Fund is an organization that works with cancer patients throughout Michigan. Upon my donation, I received a beautiful candle that smells amazing! Remember, a little bit can go a long way. Please do you best to help out all our friends and family members to battle this deadly disease. For more information on the organization and to make a generous donation please visit the folling link. 
   Mr. Darrell Block is a great client of ours. Always a pleasure to be around and brings a smile to everyones face. He was generous enough to write us this letter. 
   Tri City Housekeeping is a proud member of the NFIB. The NFIB is an organization that works and fights for small business. They help companies like Tri City Housekeeping to prosper and have a bright future. For more information on the Voice of Small Business please click the following link. Click Here!